World Jewish Congress calls Left Alliance MP “antisemitic”

The powerful lobbying organisation says Anna Kontula was dangerously close to crossing the line etween criticism of foreign policy and unveiled antisemitism.

File picture of Left Alliance MP Anna Kontula / Credit: MP's website

The World Jewish Congress has criticized Finnish Member of Parliament Anna Kontula (Left) for her protest against Israel’s blockade of Gaza.

The powerful US-based lobby group called Kontula’s protest a double standard and anti-Semitic because she only complained about Israel’s actions towards Gaza and its 1.8 million residents, and not about Egypt’s actions as well.

In a statement, the WJC expressed “extreme consternation” about Kontula’s protest “while completely absolving Egypt of any responsibility.”

The group acknowledges that criticism against Israeli is legitimate but they say “holding Israeli to a double standard not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation is never legitimate, and in fact constitutes an expression of antisemitism.”

The WJS says they stand with the Jewish community in Finland “in questioning the integrity of MP Kontula’s intentions” and says her actions in attacking the State of Israel is dangerously close to the line “between criticism of foreign policy and unveiled antisemitism.”

What did Kontula do?

Tampere MP Anna Kontula was part of a protest against Israel’s Gaza policies on Monday, and allegedly tried to cut through one of the security barriers which surround the densely-populated enclave.

She was detained, and held for ten hours by Israeli police.

Kontula says she wanted to draw the world’s attention to the Israeli wall surrounding Gaza and Finland’s recent arms deal with Israel to buy munitions for tanks.

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