Social Democrats clear MP, but police investigation continues

Hussein al-Taee won't face any sanctions from his political party over online posts targeting Jews, Sunni Muslims, women, gays and Somalis.

Social Democrat candidate Hussein Al-Taee at Tikkurila market, 17th March 2019 / Credit: News Now Finland

The Social Democrats have decided to take no further again against one of their MPs Hussein al-Taee over controversial online posts.

The social media posts, which are several years old, came to light before April’s general election, but al-Taee avoided answering questions from reporters about it until after he had won a seat in parliament.

He first claimed he didn’t remember writing the derogatory posts about gay people, Jews, Sunni Muslims, women and Somalis. However later he admitted that he was indeed the author of the texts.

Al-Taee, a first time MP who previously worked at President Ahtisaari’s Crisis Management Initiative as a conflict resolution expert, took sick leave from parliament and received mental health support.

On Friday, the SDP parliamentary group decided not to sanction al-Taee in any way, except to give him guidance on what sort of appropriate behaviour is expected from MPs.

Parliamentary group leader Antti Lindtman told reporters after the meeting that MPs took into account that al-Taee had distanced himself from the remarks, and that they were made long before he ran for elected office.

The party political inquisition might have concluded, but Huusein al-Taee is still the subject of an ongoing police investigation over the comments he made. Police are looking into whether he broke any laws, for example, ethnic agitation over his writings.

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