Smaller parties join forces to bid for parliament seat

The alliance would see four parties combine their votes in the hope of getting one MP.

File picture of vote being cast in Finnish election / Credit:

Four smaller political parties are joining together in Helsinki to try and win a seat in parliament.

The Animal Justice Party, Feminist Party, Liberal Party and Pirate Party have decided to pull their resources with the hope they can together get enough votes in the capital to secure a new member of parliament.

At the last election the Finns Party secured a Helsinki seat with 13,528 votes and the new political coalition hopes that if they can get a similar number they will snag the parliament spot.

“There is absolutely no chance for any of these four parties to get one seat without electoral alliances, but this gives us a fighting chance against all the parties currently in parliament” says Liberal Party Chairman Juhani Kähärä.

In practice while the four parties would pool their votes, the candidate with the most votes overall – no matter which party they are from – would become the member of parliament.

Kähärä tells News Now Finland that while the parties might differ on individual policies, their end goals are very similar.

“I would say there is some overlap in political goals. All parties have liberal values and the goals for society are very similar. We all want a society where everone is treated equally, this is a basic liberal stand, and everyone should have choices and options in life. However there are big differences in how we get to that end goal” he explains.

The general elections take place on 14th April.