SDP leader Antti Rinne and his wife hospitalised in Spain

The 56-year old will be off work until the end of the month while he recovers from pneumonia.

File picture of Social Democrat leader Antti Rinne / Credit: SDP

Social Democrat leader Antti Rinne has been hospitalised in Spain, and is receiving medical treatment.

The 56-year old politician fell ill while on holiday, and doctors diagnosed him with pneumonia. While he’s under medical supervision he won’t be allowed to fly back to Finland, and will be off work for the rest of the month.

“Fortunately Chairman Rinne is getting better but it’s obvious and everyone knows that pneumonia is a serious thing, and something that shouldn’t be taken too lightly” says Rinne’s communications manager Dimitri Qvintus.

Rinne’s wife Heta has also been hospitalised while on holiday in Spain, and she too is receiving medical treatment. Qvintus confirmed that she doesn’t have pneumonia but didn’t disclose her illness, for privacy reasons.

“It is important that they get the recovery they nee, and fortunately they both get good health service and they’re being well taken care of, and that will ultimately mean they will be able to get back to Finland where a warm home is waiting for them” says Qvintus.

Political messages of support

Rinne received messages of support from some of his colleagues in politics.

National Coalition Party leader Petteri Orpo wished him “a speedy recovery” while Green Alliance leader Pekka Haavisto also sent “best regards from here in Finland, and a speedy recovery”.

While Rinne is out of the office, some of his duties will be taken over by other party leaders, including Vice Chair Sanna Marin.