Sampo Terho Seeks Chairmanship of New Blue Party

Voting takes place at first party conference in Tampere in December.

Sampo Terho, MP (Blue), Minister of European Affairs, Culture and Sport / Credit: OKM

The new Blue Future political party announced the date of its first party conference today, and a candidate for party Chairman.

The party, which has 20 MPs including five cabinet ministers in the government coalition, will hold a congress in Saturday 16th December in Tampere.

Sampo Terho, currently Minister for European Affairs, Culture and Sport, has thrown his hat into the ring to be the party’s first official chairman – although he has been leading the parliamentary group since the Blues split from the Finns Party during the summer, after the main party elected hardline Euro-skeptic MEP Jussi Halla-aho as Chairman.

Minister of Labour Jari Lindström wants to become the first deptuty chairman, and says he is ready to stand for election in the next parliamentary elections in the South East Finland constituency where he was elected in 2015 with almost 10,000 votes.

Modest Support

Earlier this week, Blue Future became Finland’s 17th officially registered political party after spending the summer and autumn collecting the 10,000 signatures required, and delivering them to the Ministry of Justice.

However, their support has been very low in opinion polls, hovering around 1.3% in recent surveys.

Party leaders hope that when they officially became a political party, and had the chance to showcase their own policies as distinct from the Finns Party or the other government coalition parties, public perception of Blue Future will improve.