Sampo Terho gives up Blues leadership role after election disaster

Party Chairman falls on his sword after election results saw Blue Reform wiped from the parliamentary landscape.

Blue Reform chairman Sampo Terho on election night / Credit: News Now Finland

The leader of the Blue Reform political party¬†Sampo Terho has announced he’s stepping down from the role.

In a blog post the politician, who is still caretaker minister of Europe, culture and sport, said he will withdraw from day-to-day politics work when his ministerial duties come to an end.

His decision comes after the Blues had a disastrous election night, going from 19 MPs, including five government ministers, to not winning a single seat in parliament.

However, they will also contest the upcoming European Parliament elections.

“The result of the parliamentary elections was bad for the Blues, and the chairman always bears the greatest responsibility for it” writes Terho on his website.

“After careful consideration I have decided that now it’s the turn of new faces and fresh ideas” he added.

The party’s vice chair¬†Tiina Ahva is leading the European Parliament campaign, in which she is also running.

Terho says he has no immediate plans for the future – although he’s still a member of Helsinki City Council – other than to spend time with his young daughter.