Power Shuffle At Parliament

Finns Party split means speaker roles get divided among other parties.

Inside Finnish Parliament / Credit: News Now Finland

There’s a change in store for some key positions in the Finnish Parliament.

The moves have come about, because the Finns Party split in half over the summer, with 19 MPs forming a new ‘Blue Group’ in Parliament, while 16 MPs stayed with the Finns Party under new chairman Juhhi Halla-aho.

The Blue Group remain part of the three-party coalition government with Prime Minister Sipilä’s Centre Party, and Petteri Orpo’s National Coalition Party. The Finns Party becomes part of the opposition.

Now, the Blues will lose the Speaker of Parliament slot which is currently held by their MP Maria Lohela. It will be given instead to the National Coalition Party.

According to Antti Kaikkonen, Chairman of the Centre Party’s Parliamentary Group, the parties reached an agreement on a redistribution of responsibilities last week.

Parliamentary convention says the speaker’s job usually goes to the second largest party in parliament. That used to be the Finns, but now it’s the NCP.

The two Deputy Speaker slots will go to the Social Democrats and the Centre Party.

So far no specific names have been picked to their new positions, parties will decide in the months ahead which of their MPs will get those jobs over the next few months.