Poll: Prime Minister’s Social Democrats on top, as Finns Party falls

The five party government coalition now enjoys combined support of 56.1% of potential Finnish voters if an election were to be held now.

File picture of Finnish coalition government's five party leaders, December 2019 / Credit: Laura Kotila, VNK

A new poll from Alma Media released on Tuesday shows that support for the Prime Minister’s Social Democrats has climbed 4.4 percentage points since the previous poll in January-February.

In this latest survey the Social Democrats are Finland’s most popular choice if an election was to be held now, with 21.1% support. Sanna Marin, who took over as prime minister in December, is credited with clear communications during the coronavirus crisis which has lifted her party’s fortunes.

The Finns Party falls to second place in the poll, down from 21.7% to 20.1%. The National Coalition Party are in third place on 16.6%.

Of the other four government coalition parties the Centre Party slip slightly to 11.8%; the Greens fall from 12.6% to 10.7%; the Left Alliance are up marginally to 7.8% while the Swedish People’s Party are also up slightly to 4.6%.

Overall, the government coalition enjoys 56,1% support, higher than it’s been for most of the last year.

The survey was carried out by Tietoykkönen on behalf of Alma Media, between 20th and 27th March, and questioned 1200 people.