Poll: Pekka Haavisto most popular choice for next president

A survey asked 1500 Finns who they would vote for in a presidential election, if it were held today.

File picture of Green League chairman Pekka Haavisto / Credit: News Now Finland

Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto (Green) is the most popular choice to be Finland’s next president if a vote was taken today.

In a new poll for Alma Media, 1500 Finns of voting age were asked who their top choice would be.

Haavisto received 33% support in the poll; Finns Party chairman Jussi Halla-aho got 10%; National Coalition Party politician – and Helsinki mayor – Jan Vapaavuori got 10%; Li Andersson the Left Alliance chair gets 8% support while Eero Heinäluoma from the Social Democrats gets 7% and his SDP colleague Jutt Urpilainen gets 6%.

Haavisto has run twice before for president. In 2012 he had a strong second place finish in the first round of voting and went through to a run-off vote against Sauli Niinistö (NCP).

In the 2018 presidential election Haavisto ran again, and although he finished second, there was no run-off vote that year.

President Niinistö ends his term in office in January 2024 and can’t run for another term.