Poll: Finns Party popularity slips, as new coalition government leads overall

The populist Finns Party have topped the polls since April's election but now their support is falling slightly.

File picture of columns at Parliament building in Helsinki / Credit: iStock

A new poll carried out for Helsingin Sanomat newspaper finds the Finns Party are still the most popular single party in the country, enjoying 18.2% support – but that’s down half a percent from the last time this survey was done for the paper.

The Social Democrats, who narrowly won April’s general election, and National Coalition Party who came third in that vote, are tied in second place with 17.5% support.

The Centre Party has 13.2% support and the Greens are on 12.2%.

Taking into consideration the combined support for all five of Finland’s new coalition government parties: Social Democrats, Centre Party, Greens, Left Alliance and Swedish People’s Party, the new poll shows they enjoy almost 55.9% support overall from the public.

The opinion poll questioned 2300 people between 6th May and 2nd June, and there’s a 2.1% margin of error for the biggest parties.

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