Police to politician: Facebook ban is not a crime

A politician in Tampere complained to police that the social media giant had given him a one month ban.

File picture of Facebook website / Credit: iStock

Police in Tampere have carried out a thorough investigation… and come to the conclusion that if Facebook bans you, no crime has been committed.

Officers had to look into the case after a local Member of Parliament Veikko Vallin (Finns) complained that he got a 30 day ban from Facebook during the spring general election period.

Facebook apparently banned him after posting what he says is a direct quote from a news article that ‘certain foreign groups are over-represented in crime statistics’.

The temporary ban from the California-based social media giant came on the first day of advance voting, and the MP complained to police that a crime had been committed.

Police in Tampere say that they’ve decided no crime has been committed.

Previously, Vallin said he would file a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights if the Finnish police failed to pursue the case against Facebook.

There’s no word yet if the politician plans to follow through with his promise.