PM Sipilä easily survives his own confidence vote in parliament

Prime Minister is supported by his coalition government allies, and also some opposition politicians to win the vote.

File picture showing exterior of parliament building / Credit: News Now Finland

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä (Centre) has comfortably survived a confidence vote in parliament that he orchestrated to shore up support for his centre-right government.

The measure passed 101-73 to effectively approve government plans to make it easier for small businesses to fire workers.

There were a number of absent MPs and abstentions, but also some cross-party support for Sipilä’s motion including from outgoing Green MP Antero Vartia, Finns Party MP Tom Packalén, and a number of Swedish People’s Party MPs.

Most opposition party politicians voted against the government.

Sipilä has been accused of being high handed in his tactics with the vote: his strategy is that if the parliament approves his controversial new firing rules, then unions should be expected to fall in line and also just agree to them being put in place.

However a wave of strike action against Sipilä’s plans for small business continues. JHL Union says 10,000 of its workers will stage another two-day strike next week that will impact schools, care homes and nurseries.