Parliament’s bullying problem revealed

MPs report problems from other politicians and parliament workers.

File picture of Finnish Parliament / Credit: News Now Finland

A new study finds that bullying is rife among politicians at Finland’s parliament.

The research was carried out by STT Finnish news agency, which sent questionnaires to all 200 members of parliament to ask them about workplace bullying.

Some 65 MPs responded, and 18 said they had experienced bullying. There were 13 women and four men, with five of the respondents saying they had been bullied more than once.

Also, 24 respondents said they had witnessed some type of bullying in parliament.

“In the workplace no-one should experience name-calling or discrimination. To stop the problem getting any bigger, it should be taken seriously” says MPĀ Ozan Yanar (Green) on Facebook.

“Fortunately, inappropriate behaviour is in the minority” says the Turkey-born politician.

Different forms of bullying

According to the STT survey, bullying has taken the form of insults, personal attacks and comments. It is also taking place on social media.

MPs said the problems mainly come from representatives of political parties with the opposite ideology to theirs.

Fifteen reported having experienced bullying from representative of another party, while five said it came from their own party’s side.

Six people who replied to the questionnaire said sometimes the bullying didn’t come from an MP, but from a member of staff in parliament instead.