New polls show government solidifying support

The voting public has strongly approved of the government's handling of the coronavirus, while Sanna Marin's Social Democrats have enjoyed renewed popularity.

File picture of Finnish coalition government's five party leaders, December 2019 / Credit: Laura Kotila, VNK

Two new polls show how the government, and Prime Minister¬†Sanna Marin’s Social Democrats in particular, have benefited from increased political support during the coronavirus crisis.

A survey published Monday in Rural Future newspaper finds that support for the government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis has solidified across voters of almost all other political parties.

Perhaps unsurprisingly Social Democrat, Green and Left Alliance voters thought the government was doing well – up to 96% of SDP voters in fact.

Some 73% of National Coalition Party voters thought the government was handling the crisis well, and 80% of Christian Democrats too.

However only 42% of Finns Party voters thought the government was doing a good job.

The survey was carried out at the end of April and was answered by 1,107 people across the country. There is a margin of error of three percentage points.

Alma Media poll highlights voting intention

This latest poll comes just a few days after another more traditional survey of voting intentions found support for the Social Democrats had increased, while support for the Finns Party had fallen steadily over the last four months.

A weekend opinion poll carried out for Alma Media shows continued increase in support for the Social Democrats Party.

SDP has 24.1% support in the new survey, up substantially from 21.1% when the poll was carried out in March.

By contrast, the Finns Party has tumbled from a high of 21.7% in January-February to 18.8% in April, although in line with other recent polls they’re still the country’s second most popular party.

The other main opposition party the National Coalition Party has also seen its popularity eroded over the last three months, down in third place to 16.2%.

For the other government coalition parties there were mixed or neutral fortunes. The Centre Party gained 1% support while the Green lost 1% support. The Swedish People’s Party and Left Alliance were both down slightly.