New poll provides some political relief for government’s biggest parties

The five parties of the coalition government still retains the majority of support in the new poll, while the Finns Party and National Coalition Party see their lead at the top eroded.

File picture of Finnish coalition government's five party leaders, December 2019 / Credit: Laura Kotila, VNK

A new political poll from Helsingin Sanomat published on Wednesday provides some good news for the two main parties in government.

Both the Social Democrats and the Centre Party had been losing ground in the HS polls, with a months-long decline in support. At the same time, the Finns Party and National Coalition Party had been buoyant at the top of the polls.

The latest survey shows the SDP as the biggest gainers, up 1.2% to third place in the poll with 16.3%.

The Centre Party, facing historically low poll numbers, have improved their position slightly as well up half a percentage point to 12%.

There’s less good news for other members of the government coalition, although it still collectively enjoys 52.5% support from the public according to this new poll.

The Greens are down half a percent at 12.3%; the Left Alliance down 0.6% at 7.7% and the Swedish People’s Party are down marginally 0.1% at 4.2% overall.

Meanwhile on top of the table the Finns Party is down almost half a percet at 22.4% but remains the single most popular political party. The National Coalition Party is second, down very slightly, at 17.3%.

The poll was carried out for Helsingin Sanomat by Kantar TNS. The research was carried out between 19th January and 14th February with 2204 people interviewed by phone.