New parliament seating plan solved, but not everyone is happy

The Finns Party has been moved to the extreme right of parliament, and they're not amused.

File picture inside Finnish Parliament / Credit: News Now Finland

The new session of parliament got off to a rocky start this week over a disagreement about which parties sit in which seats.

Today, after a two hour debate, MPs voted 128-37 to establish a new model for seating arrangements inside the parliament chamber.

The Swedish People’s Party wanted to move from the right of the room, closer to the centre, with the idea that seating arrangements more accurately reflect the ideology of the party.

However it means the Finns Party will now be seated on the extreme right of parliament, something they were not happy about at all.

Finns Party MPs said, variously, that they were being “humiliated” and “bullied” by the other parties over the issue, and asked why they were not being respected.

Social Democrat parliamentary group leader Antti Lindtman says the new seating arrangement is based on the way the European Parliament and Nordic Council assigns seats to political parties.