MP wants housing tax break extended to singles and couples

The tax break is worth up to €5400 per year and is only available for married couples at present.

File picture, aerial panorama of Helsinki / Credit: iStock

A Centre Party MP wants to see a special tax break for married people also applied to single people and couples.

Freshman MP Joonas Könttä wants to change the rules on tax deductions for work-related second homes.

At present if a married person lives in one city, but has to rent a home in another city more than 100km away for work, then they are entitled to claim back up €450 per month as a tax deduction.

However, this perk is not available for single people, or couples who cohabit.

Könttä thinks that should be changed.

“Let’s say the job is for two years. It’s not easy for a single person to leave their home, their friends and hobbies” says Jyväskylä MP Könttä.

“I am not making new rules, just making this deduction available for singles and unmarried couples” he tells News Now Finland.

The Ministry of Finance estimates that between 2000 and 2500 single people, and 1000 people who are unmarried partners could benefit from a change in the tax laws.

It’s an idea that’s been floated before, but Könttä hopes now it can be taken up by the relevant ministry and pushed forward as part of the government’s programme.