‘Movement Now’ decides to become a political party

The change in status would see Liike Nyt establish itself as a formal political party in parliament, as they hope to get more visibility.

Liike Nyt candidate Hjallis Harkimo with supporters in Tikkurila, 17th March 2019 / Credit: News Now Finland

The Liike Nyt – Movement Now – political movement has decided to become an official political party.

The group’s founder, and only MP, is multi-millionaire businessman and reality TV host Hjallis Harkimo.

In a Thursday morning statement, Liike Nyt said that Harkimo had talked to supporters in different parts of the country to determine the best way forward after winning just one seat in April’s general election.

Harkimo concluded that as a political movement, with a loose affiliation of independent candidates rather than a fully fledged political party, they were closed out of debates and their candidates didn’t have optimum visibility in the run-up to April’s general election.

“Establishing a party does not change the original purpose of the Movement, but is a form of legal organisation that gives the Movement more opportunities to act and influence the current political system” Liike Nyt writes in an internet post.

Next, Liike Nyt will bring their proposals for formal party rules to the registered users of their ‘Internet Parliament’ decision-making forum during the first weeks of July.