Maria Ohisalo the sole candidate for Green party leader

A Saturday deadline for candidate nominations passed with only one name.

File picture of Maria Ohisalo MP (Green) / Credit: News Now Finland

It looks like a one horse race to be the next leader of Finland’s Green League political party.

A Saturday deadline for candidates attracted only one name: Maria Ohisalo.

The Vice Chair of the Greens, and first-time MP, will take over from Pekka Haavisto, who stepped into the role of party leader late last year when Touko Aalto left the job due to health reasons.

Writing on Facebook, Ohisalo says the Greens have two major tasks in the coming weeks:

“To put education, human rights, and combating climate change and poverty on the government’s agenda, and to win the European Parliament elections”.

The Greens are part of the five-party negotiations to make up the next Finnish coalition government, lead by the Social Democrats and including the Centre Party, Left Alliance and Swedish People’s Party.

The Greens hold their summer congress in Pori in June, when Ohisalo is expected to be rubber-stamped as the party’s next leader.