LIVE: Follow the latest news on the government crisis as it unfolds

The coalition government is going through a political crisis that could see the resignation of the Prime Minister.

Former Prime Minister Antti Rinne (SDP) gives a press conference after resigning, Helsinki 3rd December 2019 / Credit: Kosti Keistinen, VNK

18:30 – Antti Rinne might not be PM any more but he plays a key role in choosing the next PM as the leader of the SDP negotiating team. He’s joined by other ministers and party officials to meet with delegations from the other government parties to see if they can all still work together as a government but with a new prime minister. [Kauppalehti]

17:00 – Finns Party leader Jussi Halla-aho says he thinks if Antti Rinne did mis-speak to parliament (Halla-aho says he won’t use the word “lied”) then he should have admitted his mistake promptly and apologised last week, and the whole situation would have blown over. [Aamulehti]

16:00 – Former minister Antti Häkkänen says he thinks the Centre Party are the odd ones out in the current government coalition. He says Sanna Marin is more left wing than Antti Rinne and reckons this might make things even more complicated for Centre to stick with the Social Democrats if Marin becomes the new PM. [Verkkouutiset]

15:50 – Europe Minister Tytti Tuppurainen (SDP) says she is not interested in succeeding Antti Rinne as prime minister, she’s happy to concentrate on being Europe minister instead. [Kaleva]

14:25 – National Coalition Party leader Petteri Orpo says all parties in parliament should be involved in forming a new government (Editor: the conventional wisdom is that the current 5-party coalition would remain intact, but of course as an opposition party Orpo would want to at least think he had a shot of influencing things) [Twitter]

14:10 – Green leader Maria Ohisalo says it’s up to the Social Democrats to choose the next prime minister, but that she wants to continue with the current government programme, which was negotiated during the spring. [Twitter]

14:00 – Minister for Foreign Trade Ville Skinnari (SDP) announces on Twitter that he’ll support Sanna Marin to be Finland’s next PM. [Twitter]

13:40 – Antti Rinne tells reporters at a press conference that he’ll continue on as SDP party chairman until next summer and said his six months as PM had been “a very interesting time.” [MTV Uutiset]

13:30 – “This is politics on a low level” – Professor Emeritus Jan Sundberg from the University of Helsinki gives his sharp analysis on the unfolding political drama and Antti Rinne’s resignation in our new story here.

12:30 – Antti Rinne has submitted his resignation to President Niinistö. [Office of the President]

12:20 – National Coalition Party chair Petteri Orpo  says the parliament interpolation by his party and the Christian Democrats, which triggered a vote of not confidence in Antti Rinne, did its job. [Verkkouutiset]

11:45 – Sanna Marin tells reports at Helsinki Airport that she’s ready to work as prime minister, if asked. [STT/Keskisuomalainen]

11:15 – Sanna Marin is due to land at Helsinki Airport from Brussels where she cut short her attendance at an EU meeting. Will she be Finland’s new prime minister this afternoon? Ilta-Sanomat has live video coverage of her arrival. [Ilta-Sanomat]

11:10 – The Left Alliance parliamentary group is meeting this morning but former leader Paavo Arhinmäki says he believes the same parties will continue in government. [Demokraatti]

11:00 – Here’s our background briefing on the latest government crisis in Finland, with everything you need to know about what lead up to this point.

10:22 – Centre Party chair Katri Kulmuni and parliamentary group leader Antti Kurvinen met with Prime Minister Rinne on Tuesday morning. Kurvinen says he told Rinne three times that the Centre did not have confidence in his leadership. [Verkkouutiset]

10:18 – Helsingin Sanomat report that Prime Minister Antti Rinne (SDP) has made an appointment with President Sauli Niinistö this afternoon to hand in his resignation. [Helsingin Sanomat]

09:30 – PM Antti Rinne was in combative mood on Monday night when he talked to reporters – but that was before a ‘meeting without coffee’ on Tuesday morning with Centre Party leaders.

File picture of Centre Party chair Katri Kulmuni / Credit: Jaakko Martikainen

09:00 – “Keskusta is the kingmaker here” says Jenni Karimäki  from the University of Turku’s Centre for Parliamentary Studies. That means the party’s new leader Katri Kulmuni is in the driving seat. Read more about the Lapland MP in our interview here.




08:30 – Transport Minister Sanna Marin tweets “due to the extraordinary situation, I am flying from Brussels to Finland already this morning […] Finnish ministers are required to be present at home.” Tampere MP Marin is the Social Democrat’s First Vice Chair and could be a likely new party leader – and Finland’s youngest ever prime minister age 34 – by the afternoon. [Twitter]