Left Alliance MP arrested by Israeli police

The Tampere politician refused to sign a document in Hebrew, and was held at an Israeli police station for 10 hours on Monday.

File picture of Left Alliance MP Anna Kontula / Credit: MP's website

Left Alliance MP Anna Kontula was arrested in Israel on Monday the party has said.

“Her intention was to penetrate the Israeli wall surrounding Gaza” the party writes on Twitter.

“The purpose was to draw the world’s attention to the situation in Gaza and the arms trade in Finland.” The Finnish military is buying tank ammunition from Israel.

Kontula, 42, spoke to Helsingin Sanomat newspaper by phone and told them she had been detained along with other international activists as they moved towards the Gaza boundary.

The Tampere politician says she was held at an Israeli police station for ten hours before being released on Monday night.

The MP says while she was treated well by Israeli police, she refused to sign a document in Hebrew that would have admitted her role in endangering public security.

Kontula will return to Finland on Tuesday night.