Investigation dropped into local politician after Finns Party complaint

Three other MPs from three different parties are facing potential criminal charges over comments they've made about minorities.

File picture of Abdirahim 'Husu' Hussein, spring 2019 / Credit: News Now Finland

Police say they’ve got no plans to investigate a Helsinki city councilor who was accused of making racially-charged comments about supporters of the Finns Party.

Abdiurahim ‘Husu’ Hussein (SDP) wrote on social media in July that Finland was a racist country, and that people who voted for the Finns Party are themselves racists.

A local politician in Nurmijärvi, Maiju Tapiolinna (Finns) complained to the police about the comments and asked them to investigate.

On Tuesday police said they don’t suspect a crime was committed, and won’t begin any pre-trial investigation. Previously, legal experts had commented that Finns Party voters as a whole didn’t fall into one of the categories of people protected by law.

“I kind of expected this because I didn’t mention anyone by name, and political parties should not have any special law that you can’t criticise them” Hussein tells News Now Finland.

Police looking into accusations against other politicians

While police action against Hussein won’t go any further, three other politicians are still facing possible criminal proceedings.

Former Interior Minister and ex-leader of the Christian Democrats Päivi Räsänen; Social Democrat MP Hussein Al-Taee; and Finns Party MP Juha Mäenpää should all find out this week whether investigations will continue into controversial comments they made.

Räsänen made critical remarks about Pride parade and the Evangelical Lutheran Church; Al-Taee wrote disparaging posts on social media about minorities back in 2011 and 2012; while Mäenpää used a speech in parliament in June to equate immigrants to an invasive species.

In Finland it can be considered a crime to make insults or threats about a about a group of people based on their ethnic origin, sexual orientation, skin colour, disability or religion.

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