HS poll shows mixed fortunes for political parties

This was the first time Helsingin Sanomat had carried out its regular political survey since Sanna Marin became prime minister.

File picture showing exterior of parliament with flowers, spring 2019 / Credit: News Now Finland

A new poll in Helsingin Sanomat on Wednesday shows the changing fortunes of Finland’s political parties.

It’s the first of the newspaper’s regular surveys carried out since a change of government in December brought Sanna Marin into power as prime minister. Having a new prime minister doesn’t seem to have helped the Social Democrats so far with no change in their support – in 4th place.

The survey, carried out by Kantar TNS, asked respondents which political party they would vote for if parliamentary elections were held now.

Overall, the five parties in the government coalition enjoy 52% support, however the poll shows the biggest single party is still the right wing populist Finns Party, extending its lead by a small margin at the top of the pile with 22.8%.

The National Coalition Party are up slightly still in second place with 17.5%. Support for the SDP remains unchanged at 15.1%. The Greens are up to 12.8% and the Centre Party support has risen as well to 11.5%.

There’s declining support for the next three parties in the poll: Left Alliance, Swedish People’s Party and Christian Democrats.

The survey was carried out by telephone interviews between 23rd December and 17th January and asked 2218 Finns aged 18 and over, in different parts of the country (except Åland). The margin of error is 2.1 percentage points in either direction for the largest parties.