HS poll shows growing support for opposition parties

Support for the five-party coalition government stands at 52.2% according to these latest numbers, but the right wing populist Finns Party has solidified its place at the top.

File picture showing exterior of parliament with flowers, spring 2019 / Credit: News Now Finland

The latest political polling from Helsingin Sanomat shows the right wing populist Finns Party gaining more ground with 22.4% support from potential voters.

The survey, conducted by Kantar TNS, asked which party the respondents would vote for if
parliamentary elections were held just now.

In addition, respondents were asked which party they voted in the 2017 municipal elections and the 2019 parliamentary elections.

Compared to the previous poll published in October, the Finns Party saw their support rise by 1.9%.

“The Finns Party have been able to maintain that action and probably some voters from Social Democrats, Centre Party and National Coalition Party have changed their minds to become more supportive of the Finns Party” explains Sakari Nurmela, Client Director at Kantar TNS

“They have also been able to attract the people who probably didn’t vote at previous elections. All of this has created the upswing to their support” he tells News Now Finland.

The new poll, published on Thursday, also shows that other main opposition party the National Coalition Party, lead by Petteri Orpo, emerged as the second most favoured party with 17.3% popularity.

The Social Democrats, lead by Prime Minister Antti Rinne, saw their popularity fall by 1.8% compared to November. The PM’s party would now only attract 15.2% of the vote if an election was held now.

Support for other government parties Greens, Left Alliance and Centre Party is also declining according to the new poll numbers – with only the Swedish People’s Party managing to maintain its position compared to the last survey.

Overall support among voters for the five-party government coalition stands at 52.2%.