Hautala beats Huhtasaari for top Euro Parliament role

Finnish MEPs find their roles on committees and add extra responsibilities as the European Parliament starts its new session.

European Parliament Vice-President Heidi Hautala (Green) / Credit: Fred Marvaux, EP

Green MEP Heidi Hautala has been elected as a Vice-President of the European Parliament.

She was successful in the first round of voting this week with 336 votes for one of the 14 Vice-President positions in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Previous Finnish Vice Presidents include Olli Rehn (Centre) and Anneli Jääteenmäki (Centre).

However another Finnish politician wasn’t so successful.

Finns Party politician Laura Huhtasaari has only been an MEP officially for a few days but wanted to get elected as a Vice-President of the European Parliament.

She got the lowest number of votes in the first round – just 135.

Finnish MEPs on European Parliament committees 

As the new session of the European Parliament gets underway this week Finns have been finding places on committees where draft laws are made.

The most popular committees are on Industry, Research and Energy which has five Finnish MEPs – as does the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety.

Other areas of interest where Finnish MEPs have joined as committee members include Agriculture and Rural Development, Women’s Rights and Gender Equality; Transport and Tourism and Budgets.

Two Finns Party MEPs raised eyebrows on this week during the opening ceremonies of the new parliament session.

As Beethoven’s Ode to Joy – the EU’s anthem – was played, Laura Huhtasaari and Teuvo Hakkarainen refused to stand.