Halla-aho tells police officer to drop complaint into Finns Party MP

The South Savo MP, a former power lifter, has enjoyed renewed media attention this week after leveling the insult at the Helsinki Police Superintendent.

File picture of MP Ano Turtiainen (Finns) / Credit: Facebook

The leader of the Finns Party Jussi Halla-aho has urged a senior Helsinki police officer to withdraw an official complaint he made about one of the Finns Party MPs.

Superintendent Jari Taponen from Helsinki Police filed a criminal complaint earlier this week after an online exchange with MP Ano Turtiainen, which culminated in the South Savo politician calling him a “munaton nillittäjä” – which translates colloquially as a “dickless whiner.”

Taponen is an active Twitter user with more than 7500 followers on the social media site, but is a frequent target of abuse from right wing agitators over his comments on community and preventive policing in Helsinki.

“We suggest that Superintendent Taponen pull himself together, withdraw his criminal report, and deal with the tasks that really matter to Finn” Halla-aho said in a Thursday press conference.

The Finns Party leader told reporters that comments made by Turtiainen, a former power lifter who competed internationally, weren’t even that bad.

“Who of us hasn’t faced worse in our lives? For example, calling decent people racists, fascists and Nazis is an outrageous affront” said the MP, who has been convicted twice of race-bait crimes by Finnish courts.