Greens pull funding for Vihreä Lanka party magazine

The loss of financial backing effectively means the 36-year old publication will go out of print at the end of the year.

Image from Vihreä Lanka website

The Green League political party has decided to withdraw funding for its magazine Vihreä Lanka – Green Yarn – at the end of the year, effectively shutting down the 36-year old publication.

In a statement, the Greens note that they are the biggest financial backers for Vihreä Lanka to the tune of €450,000, but that it has failed to increase its circulation.

“Today, more and more Green supporters are following and engaging in political debate on social media. We want to serve them with a better presence, new opportunities for participation and up-to-date information on the politics of the Greens” says Veli Liikanen, Green League Secretary General.

The party says Vihreä Lanka played an important role over the years to lead the discussion, at a time when environmental issues were not being covered in mainstream media.

However, that has now changed.

The editor-in-chief of Vihreä Lanka Riikka Suominen says the decision to cut funding “undermines the free flow of information in Finland.”

“Commercial media has lost revenue, which has resulted in more than one in five journalists leaving in the last decade. For readers, the evolution is seen in the fact that magazines have been discontinued, the same news stories are being published in more and more places, and magazines are reducing their frequency of publication” says Suominen.

Vihreä Lanka magazine had been offered as a benefit for Green party membership. The Greens say they will now find other benefits for members.