Greens launch national bus tour with pledge to off-set the carbon emissions

The campaign bus will call at 87 towns and cities across the country in the weeks before the election on 14th April.

File picture of Green Alliance election campaign bus / Credit: News Now Finland

The Green Alliance are taking their election campaign on the road with a national bus tour.

The 6000km trip launched on the weekend, with the first stops in Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo.

The distinctive bright green bus will be calling at 87 locations around the country, in an effort to get their message out to as many parts of Finland as possible.

“The purpose is to reach voters, bring out the themes of the Green party to the public in an approachable way, and help Green candidates in their campaigns nationwide” explains tour manager Laura Kaitila.

In previous general elections, the Greens have done well among urban liberal voters in the largest population centres. Out of 15 Members of Parliament, more than half are in Helsinki and the capital city region. The other MPs are mostly in larger cities like Turku, Tampere, Oulu and Jyvaskyla and the bus tour is a way for the party to try and broaden its appeal – something Pekka Haavisto also tried to do at the 2018 presidential election campaign.

There are two managers traveling with the bus, as well as the driver, for the 29-day road trip around Finland.

The estimated 10-tonnes of carbon emissions generated by the bus journey are being offset through the Ilmastoapu scheme.

File picture of Green Alliance election campaign bus showing tour stops / Credit: News Now Finland