Government programme ready on Friday – with conditions

There are still a couple of areas where the politicians need to find agreement, before getting their individual party structures to sign off on the deal.

Social Democrat leader Antti Rinne chairs government programme talks, 29th May 2019 / Credit: Lauri Heikkinen, Valtioneuvoston kanslia

Talks to form a new coalition government, with a policy agenda that five different parties can agree on, is almost over.

Negotiators have the day off today, but talks continue on Friday with Social Democrat boss Antti Rinne saying he expects to have everything agreed between five party leaders on Friday afternoon.

Rinne is joined by his counterparts from the Centre Party, Greens, Left Alliance and Swedish People’s party

The talks have gone on for four weeks so far, and the parties have all apparently agreed on the majority of the programme for the next coalition government, including spending priorities and where the money will come from.

However, outstanding points of disagreement include transport and education, and the negotiators worked late on Wednesday evening to try and reach an agreement.

Even if an announcement comes on Friday, the agenda will still have to be approved by the decision-making bodies of the parties involved.

For example, in the Centre Party this means their party board has to vote in favour; while the Left Alliance have a net-based advisory vote for their party members.

Bottom line: we’re close, but no cigar just yet.