Government increases the money it gives to political parties

The cash is allocated to all the parties depending on how many Members of Parliament they have.

File picture of Finnish coalition government's five party leaders, December 2019 / Credit: Laura Kotila, VNK

The Government has decided to increase the amount of financial grants it gives to registered political parties by €6 million.

The system of financial help has been in place since 1967 and for 2020 the subsidies amounts to €35,635,000 in total, to be divided among nine political parties.

Parties need to spend at least 5% of the money on women’s political activities, and at least another 5% on its own grass-roots political operations at district level.

The money is distributed proportionally, depending on how many seats each party has in Parliament.

  • Social Democrats: €7,127,000
  • Finns Party: €6,948,825
  • National Coalition Party: €6, 770, 650
  • Centre Party: €5,523,425
  • Green League: €3,563,500
  • Left Alliance: €2,850,800
  • Swedish People’s Party: €1,603,575
  • Christian Democrats: €890,875
  • Movement Now / Liike Nyt: €178,175

From the total amount, a sum of €178,175 is allocated directly to the Åland Government to support political and information activities in the Åland Islands.