Government coalition talks continue today

The Social Democrats are leading negotiations, and are expected to be in pole position to hold the Prime Minister portfolio.

File picture of Social Democrat leader Antti Rinne / Credit: SDP

Government coalition talks continue today 

Social Democrat leader Antti Rinne is continuing his efforts to build a new coalition government with himself as Prime Minister.

Today, he will hold bilateral meetings with representatives of the Greens, Left Alliance, Swedish People’s Party and National Coalition Party to find common ground – or identify areas where they don’t agree.

On Sunday Rinne he met with the Christian Democrats, Finns Party and Centre Party, and afterwards said so far no party had dropped out from the running to be in the next government.

Rinne estimates that a more clear picture could emerge of the makeup of a future coalition government by Tuesday evening, and says he is looking for one big party to be the main partner in government – which then determines which other smaller parties could come on board.