Got milk? Kokoomus politician wants to ban free milk for children

Let them eat cake? Let them drink water says one National Coalition Party politician!

File picture of girl drinking milk / Credit: iStock

Finland is the world’s biggest consumers of milk per capita, with Finns consuming 384 liters of milk or milk products like cheese and yoghurt per year, according to the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organisation.

While milk is a staple item on the menu for school lunches, at vocational schools and daycare, one Helsinki politician wants to stop serving it completely.

Councillor Otto Meri (NCP) wants to ban free milk from being served at all city premises.

He says it would help to combat climate change through emissions reductions if milk is off the menu.

The politician would prefer to serve water instead.

“Man does not need milk” he wrote on Twitter after his proposal to ban milk.

“In the future people can buy milk if they want but it’s not the city’s job to waste its money on unnecessary liquid” he said bluntly.

At Wednesday City Council meeting politicians also voted to approve a previous resolution passed in spring to cut the city’s meat and dairy use by 50% over the next six years.

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