First candidate announces bid to be Green party leader

The Greens will choose their new leader at the party's summer congress in Pori in June.

File picture of Maria Ohisalo MP (Green) / Credit: News Now Finland

New MP Maria Ohisalo, also a Vice President of the Greens, says she wants to be her party’s new leader.

Writing on Facebook this morning, Ohisalo set our her pitch to lead the party.

It is time to make a fair change, a shift towards a carbon-neutral society where the well-being of humans, animals and the environment is at the heart of all policies. It is time to defend the welfare state, where everyone can become something” she wrote.

So far she’s the only contender to replace Pekka Haavisto who took on the job of party leader at the end of 2018, to compete the term of previous leader Touko Aalto who stepped down for health reasons.

The Greens will be meeting in Pori on 15th June to vote for their next leader. Ohisalo has been described as the leader of the party’s red-green wing.

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