Finns Party MP compares EU to Nazis; as deputy leader is banned from blogging

Politician Ville Tavio says the EU is censoring its critics, as other senior MPs criticise him for Nazi comments.

Finns Party vice chair Laura Huhtasaari (L) and MP Ville Tavio (R) / Credit: @villetavio Instagram

Two Finns Party politicians have hit the headlines over controversial comments.

In parliament today Ville Tavio struck a nerve with other politicians when he compared the European Union to Nazi Germany.

His comments came during a debate about the future of the EU, which he criticised as a ‘federalist’ project. He said “federalists are just making a new kind of Soviet Union in the EU. They’re creating a new kind of Nazi Germany. The EU’s globalism is just a new form of fascism”.

Reaction from other MPs was swift, and sharp.

The Social Democrats parliamentary group leader Antti Lindtman said Tavio had crossed a line with his comments. Christian Democrats chairperson Sari Essayah and Green chair Pekka Haavisto both said that the EU was founded to prevent the conflict and tragedy seen during World War II from happening again in Europe.

Tavio says that the EU is “already a federal state even it does not call itself a federal state. It’s a growing monster like other tyrannies in the past”.

“EU is trying to gain more power year by year from the member states. This includes that EU with EU-minded parties are running a huge prpaganda machine that tries to silence those who speak for independence of their countries” he tells News Now Finland.

Tavio says that censorship is a “rising issue” inside the EU, and that the EU is using the term “hate speech” as a tool to silence its critics.

Laura Huhtasaari banned from blogging

The Finns Party’s vice chair, and former presidential candidate, Lauri Huhtasaari also finds herself in trouble again this week.

She has been banned from blogging for a month at the popular Uusi Suomi website, where she wrote a regular blog – like some 95 out of 200 Finnish members of parliament.

The suspension of her blogging privileges comes after she first received a warning from the site’s editor.

This week she published a blog saying the European Court of Human Rights was under Islamic rule (sic).

Huhtasaari was often in the headlines during 2018, not just for her failed presidential bid, but for being caught by an independent investigation plagiarizing large parts of her University of Jyväskylä masters degree thesis.