Finns Party MEP likens the European Union to the Soviet Union

The politician forecasts the collapse of the European Union but concedes that it's not going to happen any time soon.

File photo of Laura Huhtasaari / Credit: huhtasaari2018

One of the Finns Party’s two MEPs in Brussels, Laura Huhtasaari, has likened the European Union to the Soviet Union.

It’s not the first time the right-wing politician, and former Finnish presidential candidate, has made the comparison.

In a weekend interview with a British newspaper, Huhtasaari said “I want my country back, I want to get out of the EU. I don’t want to be part of this new socialism and Soviet Union-kind of Union.”

Huhtasaari criticised the EU’s proposed coronavirus recovery package saying it is breaking its own rules to secure an agreement on the €750 billion deal. She also claimed Finland would be able to make its own trade agreements or “loose cooperation” if it was an “independent state” and not part of the EU – a common refrain of pro-Brexit politicians in the UK, which in reality has not yet happened, even though the UK left the EU on 31st January.

“The EU is afraid of competition, because it knows the Member States would do better without federal state, they would do better as an independent state in a free trade area. I think if Brexit is a success, it will be the end of the EU.”

“I think that it’s inevitable that it will collapse, but probably not right now.”

Huhtasaari’s vehement opposition to the EU, where she currently enjoys a high paid job as a Member of the European Parliament, stands in stark contrast to Finnish public opinion.

A spring 2019 Eurobarometer survey found that 86% of Finns were happy living in the European Union, while just 8% said they were not. When asked to list the issues that were most important to them in 2019 some 39% of Finns said health and social security was their top concern, followed by environmental issues (26%) and household finances (22%). Just 10% said immigration was an important issue.

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