Finns Party joins German far right in European alliance

The new group plans to secure Europe's external borders, culture and history from globalisation, and especially Islam.

The Finns Party's Olli Kotro (L) with other right wing politicians in Milan, 8th April 2019 / Credit: Olli Kotro Twitter

The Finns Party has signed up to form a pan-European alliance with other political parties, ahead of May’s European elections.

The other members are Italy’s League, Denmark’s People’s Party and Germany’s far right opposition party AfD.

The Finns Party’s Olli Kotro, a candidate in the European Parliament elections, attended Monday afternoon’s announcement in Milan.

“Constructing a better and safer Europe with patriots!” Kotro tweeted.

Their aims are to preserve Europe’s borders, culture and history according to Italian Deputy Prime MinisterĀ Matteo Salvini.

The four parties plan to form a distinct group within the European Parliament to challenge the power of centrist parties.

“Together we will fight for a safer Europe with well-protected external borders, less immigration and a stronger cooperation to tackle terrorism and islamisation (sic)” Danish MEPĀ Anders Vistinen wrote on Twitter.

The group needs at least 25 MEPs from seven different EU countries to be formally recognised as an official group in the European Parliament, where they’ll be known as the European Alliance for People and Nations.

At present Europe’s right wing and nationalist political parties are members of different European Parliament groupings, but the new alliance is the first step in Salvini’s attempts to bring them all together under one umbrella.