Finnish politicians react to Brexit vote

Senior politicians speak out about the latest Brexit twists and turns, as Prime Minister Sipilä urges British people in Finland to register their stay with Migri.

File image of UK and EU flags, Brexit / Credit: iStock

Politicians in Finland have been reacting to the latest Brexit twists and turns.

On Tuesday night, Theresa May suffered the biggest defeat of any British Prime Minister in the modern democratic era, when the deal she negotiated with the EU to quit the 28-nation block was voted down by politicians by 230 votes.

Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipilä (Centre) wrote on Twitter that the vote result was “regrettable but not surprising […] EU27 and Finland continue to prepare” for Britain to leave the EU, he said.

This morning, STT Finnish News Agency reports that Sipilä is urging all British residents in Finland to register as soon as possible with the Immigration Service Migri to help facilitate their rights to stay here in the event of a no-deal Brexit. This is the same message that Migri and the Interior Ministry gave on Tuesday.

Other political reaction

Foreign Minister Timo Soini (Blue) who is at least on paper a Euro-skeptic politician, tells Iltalehti newspaper that although the numbers in parliament’s vote were clearly against the deal, he does not think Brexit can be completely canceled.

Former leader of the Green party Ville Niinistö has been commenting regularly on Brexit and the state of British politics.

“If the British parliamentarians now say ‘this is not what people voted for’ then what did Brexit voters actually vote for? The conclusion is that people were misled, and a new referendum should be held” he says.