Finland’s youngest MP announces baby’s early arrival

File picture of MP Iiris Suomela (Green) with her newborn baby, 17th November 2020 / Credit: @iiris_suomela Twitter

The youngest Member of Parliament Iiris Suomela (Green) has announced the arrival of her new baby.

Writing on social media, she shared a picture of her holding the newborn, and described the baby as “the best Christmas gift in the world.”

The baby had been due closer to Christmas but came earlier than expected and Suomela said “I got to spend International Premature Children’s Day in the hospital with my very own small but vigorous baby. Hard to imagine greater happiness than this.”

Suomela, a Pirkanmaa politician who was elected to parliament aged 24, thanked the midwives, nurses and doctors saying “Finland is the safest country in the world for births and babies. We have one of the lowest premature mortality rates in the world and it is precisely thanks to the welfare state.”