Finance Minister: Finland’s Economic Growth is Strong

Finance Minister Petteri Orpo, MP (NCP) / Credit: Eduskunta

Finland’s Finance Minister Petteri Orpo (NCP) says the country’s economic growth continues to be strong, and predicts the government will reach its goal of wiping out sovereign debt in 2019.

Orpo made the comments following the first day of his ministry’s internal budget discussions.

The Minister told reporters his goals were “Employment, employment, employment”.

“After every presentation, I reflect on how it adds to employment and how it creates the foundation for economic growth and the future. The employment of young people, the strengthening of innovation and the growth of opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises are potential targets” Orpo added.

The government can achieve its goal of overcoming debt by 2019, Orpo said. He added that he was pleased “the economy is capable of such growth”. The minister said this showed Finland remained a dynamic country and that the growth of the Finnish economy is strong and broad.