EU elections: Thousands vote overseas, as poll shows NCP on top

It's a close race for the second most popular party, with the Greens and Finns almost neck-and-neck.

File graphic for European Parliament elections / Credit: iStock

Thousands of Finns took the opportunity to cast a ballot overseas in advance of Sunday’s European Parliament elections.

According to figures released by the Foreign Ministry, 16,325 people voted at Finland’s missions and offices abroad in the advance voting period.

There’s around 255,000 Finns with a permanent residence abroad who were entitled to vote in the elections, and could cast their ballots in 80 countries.

Inside the EU, Finns who have a permanent residence in one of the 28 member states can register to vote there instead of in Finland.

Voter turnout was highest in Sweden, followed by Spain, Belgium, Germany and UK.

The single busiest polling station was Brussels, then Stockholm and then Fuengirola.

Latest poll shows NCP on top

The latest European Parliament election poll from public broadcaster Yle shows the National Coalition Party with the most support ahead of voting on Sunday.

NCP has 19.7% support with the Greens rising to second place with 17.2% and the Finns Party close behind in third place on 17%.

“The Greens European election candidates have done a fantastic campaign. Now comes the final sprint” writes party chair Pekka Haavisto on Twitter.

“On Sunday we vote for a Europe that respects human rights and that is combating climate change” he says.

The Social Democrats, who came out on top at April’s general election, are back in fourth place with 14.3% of support, with the Centre Party has fallen the furthest since the last European Parliament elections five years ago, with just 13% support in the new poll.

The survey asked the opinions of 2500 Finns between 23rd April and 21st May. The margin of error is 2.3 percentage points in both directions.