‘Easy language’ videos help with election voting

There's information in English, Swedish and Finnish, designed with words and grammar that's more simple to understand than standard.

File picture of vote being cast in Finnish election / Credit: Vaalit.fi

A new resource for people voting in the upcoming general election has been released this morning by the Ministry of Justice.

Videos in easy-to-understand Finnish, Swedish and English have been published on YouTube, instructing people how to vote in advance and also how to vote on election day 14th April.

The videos have been produced in cooperation with the Finnish Centre for Easy to Read Selkokeskus, and use contents, language and vocabulary that is easier to understand than standard versions.

The videos, between three and five minutes long depending on the language, cover the voting process from receiving a letter about your eligibility to vote, to where to find the nearest polling station; right through to polling day, how to cast a ballot, and what you have to take to the polling station.

There’s also advice for finding out more about the various candidates running in the election.

“Information about candidates is available on television, in the newspapers and on the website of political parties and constituency associations. You can also use voting advice apps to choose your candidates” the instructional videos advise.

The videos caution voters to consider the source of any information, and who is sharing it.

Election day is on 14th April. Advance voting is now open, and ends on 9th April.