€800 basic income plan unveiled by Left Alliance

The amount is considerably higher than the sum being paid in a limited basic income experiment for 2000 people.

New €50 bank notes / Credit: Central Bank of Finland

Finland’s Left Alliance political party has unveiled a new basic income policy it hopes will be part of future government programmes.

It would mean a huge overhaul of the country’s unwieldy social security system, and give everyone in the country €800 basic income every month. The plan would be implemented over the lifetime of two parliaments.

“I think basic income is the right model for all Western countries, because working life has changed so quickly that we can’t manage with the kind of social security systems that are based on controlling people” says MP Anna Kontula (Left).

The proposed level of basic income in the Left Alliance’s new plan is considerably higher than the €560 which has been paid to 2000 people as a trial over the last few years, and would replace existing basic social security payments like unemployment, home care allowance, sickness and parental allowance, and study leave.

Member of Parliament Anna Kontula says this would help people in short term jobs or working in the gig economy, where there is little job security and no guaranteed monthly salary.

“I think that the main reason for basic income is that it’s the only possible way to solve these problems” she says.