Could ‘pleasant politics’ catch on in parliament?

Social Democrat aid takes to Twitter to write nice things about political rivals.

File picture of Finnish Parliament exterior / Credit: News Now Finland

Working in politics can be a dirty business, but one Finnish political operator decided to be Mr Nice Guy this week.

Dimitri Qvintus, who works as an advisor to Social Democrat leader Antti Rinne wrote tweets about colleagues in parliament from across the political spectrum, saying something nice about each of them.

“I had thought that I should say a few nice things about a couple of MPs from other parties that I have had really good cooperation with, and then I just thought also if I say nice things about two or three persons or MPs why wouldn’t I say about a few more? And it was quite easy!” says Qvintus.

So taking to the social media site he called other politicians clever, knowledgeable, humorous, direct, fair and skilled – among other individually tailored accolades.

File picture of Dimitri Qvintus at Savonlinna, summer 2018 / Credit: @DimitriQvintus Twitter

“Pretty often, especially in Twitter discussions, things are really critical and negative. It’s easy to complain why is it so negative, and easy to complain about others, but the only tweets that I can have an impact on are my own ones. And I just thought that it would be a nice thing to say positive things about competitors for a change. I’m just trying to be nice and say honestly that I appreciate and like other party’s MPs” Qvintus tells News Now Finland.

In the 48 hours since Qvintus launched his positive Twitter thread, the response has been positive, with politicians and their staff thanking him online, or coming up to thank him for the gesture in person, in the halls of parliament.

“The reaction has been amazingly positive. It’s been really nice and many of those MPs came next day to me and thanked me, and thanked also on Twitter but mostly face to face. They were just saying thank you and nice things back, it’s a lot nicer that way!”