Colourful flashmob highlights human rights concerns

Dozens of supporters joined the Feminist Party's event on a symbolic Helsinki bridge.

Pink smoke at Feminist Party flashmob, 21st March 2019 / Credit: Henryk Björkström, News Now Finland

A colourful flashmob in the centre of Helsinki used bright pink smoke and banners to raise awareness of human rights concerns.

Organised by the Feminist Party, dozens of participants gathered at Hakaniemi Bridge on Thursday evening with a 20 metre-long banner reading “bridges not walls”.

The bridge was a symbolic location because at one time it divided the rich from the poor in the capital city; and red supporters from white supporters during the country’s short but bloody civil war.

Ahead of the parliamentary elections on 14th April, the Feminist Party wants Finland to play an even more active role in developing positive human rights policies.

“Finland is not moving forward in the development of human rights but is taking steps backwards. Rising racism, nationalism and right-wing populism across Europe seriously undermines the feeling of security for many and has led to a negative human rights development in EU member states” says Katju Aro, chair of the Feminist Party.

The party’s election manifesto include 100 items for equality, including initiatives to tackle hate crime and organised racism; ethnic profiling and structural racism found in Finland.

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Banner at Feminist Party flashmob on 21st March 2019 / Credit: Henryk Björkström, News Now Finland