City Councilman receives noose and death threat in the mail

Social Democrat Husu Hussein, who was born in Somalia, received the items when he arrived for City Council meeting.

Noose and threatening letter / Credit: Husu Hussein

A Helsinki City Councilman of Somali origin has received a letter containing a noose and a death threat at the first City Council meeting of the new session.

Abdiurahim ‘Husu’ Hussein (SDP) reported for Wednesday night’s meeting and was told there was some mail for him that had attracted the suspicions of the City Hall security staff.

Staff hadn’t opened the letter, but had instead scanned it, as it didn’t look like a normal letter.

“I wanted a witness in case something bad happened and there were three or four guys standing next to me. The first thing I saw inside was the rope and they had it ready for hanging a person” explains Hussein.

“There was a letter written by hand, I tried to read it but I was really shocked about the rope itself. These things are getting closer and closer. These guys are trying different ways of intimidation. If we don’t stop these things, it’s going to become a reality soon” he tells News Now Finland.

The hand-written letter, in Finnish, contained a reference to the Ku Klux Klan and American civil rights leader Martin Luther King, and said the same thing that happened to King – he was assassinated – would happen to Hussein as well.

“I sat down for a couple of minutes. The shock was really big. I took the paper with me inside City Hall and the council meeting continued for another 45 minutes but I don’t remember a word that was said.”

Hussein went to a police station to report the incident but the office was closed, and he plans to return in the morning to file a formal report.

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