Blue Group Closer To Becoming Legit Political Party

Few signatures left to get before reaching required goal of 5000 supporters.

Blue Group MP Sampo Terho and other MPs / Credit: Sininentulevaisuus

The ‘Blue’ Parliamentary Group is getting closer to becoming a legitimate political party according to chairman Simon Elo.

They need the support of 5000 registered voters, and Elo reckons they’ve only got less than one hundred signatures still to find.

“As soon as the 5000 are in the bag, we will be finished our application” says Espoo MP Elo.

“The Ministry of Justice estimates that processing the application will take at least a month” he adds.

The Blue Parliamentary Group split off from the main True Finns Party during the summer, after they disagreed with the direction they thought the party would take under new chairman Jussi Hala-aho.

MEP Hala-aha is considered to be on the right of the party, and the Blue group MPs said they want to take a more centrist view to remain in government.

Currently, the Blue Group have 19 MPs, and the remaining Finns Party has 16 MPs.

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