America elects: Finns among the most pro-Biden, anti-Trump in Europe

The Europe Elects website in Germany has taken a closer look at hypothetical national voting patterns in different EU countries in the US presidential election.

President Trump (L) meets President Niinistö (R) in Washington DC, 2nd October 2019 / Credit: Matti Porre / TPK

America’s long road to the 2020 presidential election finally comes to a climax on Tuesday 3rd November – although as many as half of the ballots are likely to be cast in advance of election day itself.

The nation faces a choice between Republican incumbent Donald Trump, who visited Finland in July 2018 for a summit with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin; and Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Current polls put Biden ahead of Trump in the race to the White House but if the election were left up to Finns, the result would be a very decisive victory indeed for the former vice president.

The Europe Elects website in Germany has been tracking polls across the continent and finds that if they had the chance to vote, Finns would be among the most solidly pro-Biden and anti-Trump of any European country.

According to a Kantar TNS poll carried out for Helsingin Sanomat in September, 75% of Finns say they would vote for Joe Biden, and just 10% say they would vote for Trump; while 12% were undecided and 3% said they would vote for someone else.

If undecided voters are stripped out, Finnish support would be 85% for Biden and 11% for Trump.

When Europe Elects looked at polling in other countries – whether asking the explicit question about who people would vote for, or a more general question about who the respondents want to win the race – none of the 13 countries where polling data was available wanted to see a Trump victory, although several countries had large numbers of ‘undecided’ voters:

  • Denmark: 80% Biden / 6% Trump
  • Sweden: 65% Biden / 18% Trump
  • Germany: 71% Biden / 11% Trump
  • France: 64% Biden / 14% Trump
  • Italy: 58% Biden / 20% Trump
  • Austria: 83% Biden / 17% Trump
  • UK: 61% Biden / 13% Trump

In Finland the Helsingin Sanomat survey also found some clear political differences in hypothetical voting intentions, despite support for Biden coming across the board regardless of age or gender.

Finns who vote for the National Coalition Party and the Left Alliance were more strongly in favour of Joe Biden, while the Finns party were the only group in the survey to voice any significant support for Donald Trump with 43% of them saying they want him to be America’s next president.

Earlier this month Finns Party MEP Laura Huhtassari sent a 2021 Nobel Peace Prize nomination for Donald Trump to the Norwegian Nobel Committee in Oslo.

Brussels-based Huhtassari wrote that Trump should get the accolade “in recognition of his endeavors to end the era of endless wars, construct peace by encouraging conflicting parties for dialogue and negotiations, as well as underpin internal cohesion and stability of his country” (sic).