Wolt and S-Group to offer no-contact delivery options amid coronavirus outbreak

File picture of Wolt delivery courier

Two of Finland’s biggest food and grocery delivery companies say they’ll roll out options for a no-contact drop-off service, as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases continues to rise across Europe.

Wolt and Foodie, the S-Group delivery service, say it’s already possible to request a no-contact delivery, but confirm to News Now Finland that they’ll formalise this as part of the online ordering process in the coming days.

It’s a measure introduced recently by a number of delivery companies in the USA. Postmates says deliveries can be collected by customers at the door as usual, they can meet the courier curbside, or request a no-contact option with items left outside the door. Instacart recently launched their ‘leave at my door’ service; while other American food delivery services like Grubhub, Uber Eats and DoorDash also offer a contactless option for customers.

File picture of Wolt app

In Finland, Wolt say they’ve been working on updating their app since last week and plan to make the no-contact option available “as soon as possible.”

We want people to be safe, which is why we are also making updates on how the apps for the customer and the courier work so it’s easy to ask for deliveries to be left at the front door or entrance” explains Henrik Pankakoski, Wolt’s Finland General Manager.

“This is something we see as the right thing to do in this situation, even though our customers haven’t specifically requested to have this feature” he adds. 

Before the feature is formally added to the Wolt app check-out, customers can give instructions for the courier, for example to leave the order at the door; or they can contact customer service from within the app itself to make a request.

Founded in 2014 in Helsinki, Wolt now operates in 20 Finnish cities with 1,200 restaurants and 2,200 couriers.

S-Group file picture

S-Group, which offers grocery deliveries from Prisma, S-Market, Alepa and Sale stores through their Foodie online shopping service, say they’ve also been working to launch a process for contactless deliveries and will soon start to let customers know that it’s an option.

“We have set up a model on the back-end of the service with the delivery operators how to handle situations where there’s maybe a quarantined customer, where we can drop off the groceries outside the door without contact, and have the payment made previously online or afterwards with a billing process” says Mikko Koskinen, S-Group’s Risk Manager.

“The option will first be available in the Helsinki metropolitan area, we are also looking to extending to other areas as well” he confirms.

S-Group delivers more than 45,000 orders every month, from 50 online grocery stores in Finland.

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