Palace Stunt Shines A Light On Human Rights Abuses

Protesters use projector to make a point at Monday's summit venue.

Light protest against the adjacent palace wall / Credit: News Now Finland

A group of daring international protesters have punk’d the Presidential Palace in Helsinki just hours before Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are due to be there.

The protesters projected a message onto the adjacent wall of the palace, illuminating the main quadrangle.

The stunt was organised by Human Rights Campaign, the USA’s largest pressure group for LGBTQ people with more than three million members, according to their website.

With messages of “Trump and Putin: stop the crimes against humanity in Chechnya”; “Silence Is Deadly”; and “Investigate LGBTQ persecution in Chechnya”, HRC hopes to raise awareness about human rights abuses committed by Russia, and America’s role in not speaking out against them.

“We are here confronting Donald Trump, letting him know that he has to stop his civil rights violations at home and as well as abroad, and he needs to call out with Putin when he meets with him, specifically about the human rights abuses committed against gay men in Chechnya that the Trump administration has refused to address for the entire time it has been in office” says Chris Sgro, Human Rights Campaign Communications Officer.

“That’s not how the leader of the free world should conduct himself. We expect a leader of the United States to confront human rights abuses, and Donald Trump hasn’t done that” Sgro tells News Now Finland.

As the light show protest got underway, Finnish police came to talk with the HRC campaigners, just to find out what they were doing.

“The Finnish government luckily has a strong value on the free press, it’s perfectly legal for us to be here” says Sgro.

Light protest against the adjacent palace wall / Credit: News Now Finland