What’s on the menu? Finland’s favourite lunch foods revealed

Home-cooking style food is gaining in popularity for lunchtime eaters.

Salmon pizza for lunch / Credit: News Now Finland

It looks like Finns might be making some healthy choices when it comes to their lunches.

A new survey for Fazer Food Services found that the most popular dish is salmon – an increase since the last time the survey was carried out two years ago.

Other classic home-style dishes in the top ten include meatballs and mashed potatoes; fish soup and fried vendace.

In fact, the popularity of home-style cooking has increased overall since the poll was done, while ‘exotic’ foreign food like pizza and tortilla have fallen in popularity.

“That’s maybe because people make those more at home, so they appreciate quality ‘home cooking’ when having lunch” says Marianne Nordblom, Fazer’s gastronomy and product development manager.

“Chicken Kiev is so popular at the moment among students that it even has its own channel on social media!” she says.

The survey was carried out in January, and 1670 people in different parts of the country took part.

The full top 10 list of Finland’s favourite lunches is:

1. Salmon
2. Meatballs & mashed potatoes
3. Fried vendace
4. Chicken Kiev
5. Lasagna
6. Fish soup
7. Vegetarian/vegan dishes
8. Tortillas
9. Spinach pancakes
10. Pizza